A mother-daughter love story.

Thank you to those who attended MY MOTHER HAS 4 NOSES at the JUNGLE THEATER in Minneapolis, February 10 - March 4, 2018. 

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about the play

"In September of 2010, I moved my mother to New York so I could care for her. She was in the mid stages of Alzheimer's. I had no idea what I was getting in to. But there was no question I would be there for her.

We had quite an adventure - my "real life" on the back burner, my "career" all but halted. But our very vivid, very real life together was, at times, great theatre.

Mom was a character. In fact I've always thanked her on stage for all the good material. Ironically, in her last two years, she took it to a new level. She was funny, she was impossible. My only instinct: write it, sing it, tell it. It was her instinct too: Almost daily she would say, "Boolie," (my nickname) "That's good! Are you getting this down? We should make a play out of it! We could take it to BROADWAY!"

Well, I was getting it down. "My Mother Has Four Noses" is the result: A play and a new album of the songs that weave in and out of the telling.

After successful readings in New York, LA, Philly, and Chicago. "My Mother Has Four Noses" debuted at the Warner Theatre in Torrington, CT in June of 2013. We did four shows at the Playwright's Centre in Minneapolis that August; had an incredible sold out show at the FRINGE FESTIVAL in Philly on September 11; and finally, two sold out, previews at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis in December 2013.

"4 Noses" opened Off Broadway at The Duke on 42nd Street on February 14, 2014 and ran for ten weeks. We couldn't have dreamed of better reviews.

"My Mother Has 4 Noses" at its very heart,  is a love story, with all the attendant comedy and tragedy. I only regret that mom couldn't have seen it. "After all," she'd crack, "how many people do YOU know who can say they have FOUR noses?"



"Devastating and gorgeous. A poignantly funny, beautifully created narrative."
- Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times (Critics' Pick)

“Well worth your attention. An affectionate, well-crafted, surprisingly funny new musical. You won’t be able to tell anymore if you’re laughing or crying. Probably because you’ll be doing both.”
- Elisabeth Vincentelli, NY Post
"Immensely relatable. Unflinching, raw and current...Engagingly, painfully amusing. Gorgeously arranged, emotionally evocative songs. 
A unique mother-daughter love story." 
- Raven Snook, Time Out New York (Critics' Pick)
“Charming and very funny. A seasoned musician with a beautiful voice, 
Brooke rocks it.”
- Trish Deitch, The New Yorker
“Sharp, unique, poignant and tuneful.”
- Thom Geier, Entertainment Weekly

 “Who knew the distinguished New York singer-songwriter was such a good actress, comedian and writer? Her one-woman play with music about her mother’s dementia was poignant, powerful and funny” 
- Jon Bream, Minneapolis Star Tribune

 "Conceived as a one-woman musical theater presentation...My Mother Has Four Noses, the record, (Bad Dog Records) is also quite the poignant, arresting, entertaining, uplifting and profound CD."
-Mike Greenblatt, Aquarian Weekly