It was my anniversary this week. I was lucky enough to go back to the place my husband and I were married. We had lots of plans, but then, we were so content just... eating, drinking, sleeping, swimming, eating again, sleeping, - (repeat) - that we let go. We basked in the glow of the magical light of the South of France and did... well, nothing.

It was good.


that old devil moon put on a show...


this guy sang us all our favorites.


They were still playing Petanque in the village Square...


You see, when we got married, we had plans to drive around the south of France, maybe Italy, an adventure honeymoon - happy go lucky. But my husband got a little toothache that Saturday - THE Saturday. By Sunday afternoon, it was bad enough that we had to find a FRENCH DENTIST who would work on a WEEK-END .

We ended up in Cannes (yup, that one) -there was (Pas Possible!!) a dentist, working, in France, on a Sunday! There in the waiting room was a little boy balling his eyes out, he'd just knocked out his front teeth falling off his bicycle. There was an elderly couple, (stale baguette, cracked crown,) and us, the honeymooners.

Our french dentist - (I wish I remembered his name) - reported what Pat had suspected - Root Canal. He drilled a hole to relieve the pressure, found some antibiotics and pain killers. We flew home the next day and taxied right from the airport to Pat's romantic honeymoon oral surgery.

And so you see, I am happy to report that our somewhat delayed anniversary/honeymoon was a success. We flossed carefully each night, went easy on the Tarte Tatin.

We stepped lightly on "break your neck" road.


We smiled as directed. (all the good photos are by Richard Sahel)


And I am still madly in love. Happy anniversary.


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