Music Rules

Maybe there is hope for the music business.Maybe i'd had too much of the Super-Tuscan.


Believe me, I can get as gloomy and doomy about what's happened to the "value" of music as the next singer-songwriter.


But last night, after sitting in on Rich Bengloff's music business class at Fordham U., explaining my rocky but honorable path of major label artist to independent artist, I went to my favorite neighborhood hang. I was hungry. And there is something a little overwhelming about scouring the past, and presenting it, all your choices flitting by in clever sound bites.

I ordered wine and some beautiful fettucine.

Benny and Alex, two NYC general contractors were sitting next to me at the bar. They, well, Alex in particular (Benny claimed he was just Alex's tag-along) restored my heart. They are so addicted to music it was contagious.

Benny and Alex


Alex even had a bid in on ebayfor the Ryan Adam's, Oslo concert, vinyl-only, covered in some kind of silk, signed in sweat and blood (you get the idea)....whoa, this guy was SERIOUS!


It was inspiring. He waxed on about how many places they'd traveled to see Bobby Zimmerman from Minnesota, I mean Bob Dylan (new record called "tempest"- all the soothsayers are wondering if it's a clue, will it be his last? it was shakespeare's....)


I was enchancted, enthralled, invigorated by their passion.


I asked how they listened to their music. If they paid for all their music. They were offended that I even asked. Benny joked that Alex brings a huge boom box to all their work sites. Then Alex started in on his home speakers. He buys the gear from audio philes that are a little down and out. Crazy amounts per speaker. He'll go pick them up from the poor dude who's got them in his trunk; teary-eyed. almost unable to part with his babies. Something about a five ribbon pattern, dual something or other.


I asked him if he liked any chicks and he said. yeah, "I love Gillian Welch. And there was that Lucinda Williams concert that time..." How 'bout that?


Real deal. That's all I'm saying.


It wasn't just the wine. Music RULES.


Music Rules.


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