dancing to woody

We got a nice little picture in the Boston Globe on Wednesday. We were right next to a story about Mark Wahlberg vowing to finish highschool during his recent Letterman 
Show appearance.


I have pitiful little to show.... I got a crappy picture of our house sound guy Brian who had won a TONY award the night before for the sound design of "Once."  He told us this was his "elated" face.

(of course Paul Mitchell was there rocking me and Ben Butler up for the peeps)

I got a few minutes to walk around Harvard Square... some things never change. J. Press is STILL THERE!


And those clubby clubs are just as offensive and un PC  as ever!! (ok, just kidding, depends on how you read it)


Mostly, I have to give a shout out to Richard Colton and Amy Spencer who created the Summer Stages Dance Festival at Concord Academy 15 years ago, and are still going strong; bringing in unbelievable talent to a gorgeous environment. Nurturing young AND established alike.  This is no small feat. So thank you, everyoe who showed and contributed and danced and was charmed along with us. I'm hoping there will be more. Woody's wife Marjorie was one of the original Martha Graham Dancers, - my first career was as a dancer, so it seemed perfectly natural that the passions finally be combined in this stunning way. Hat's off ALL. I was so touched by the way the dancers and choreographers wove me into their pieces, if only with nods, gestures, waves, smiles. It was breathtaking.





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