squam love

It was another revelatory week at Squam. Helene Dujardin was there. Oh my.

(Helene, who kept us in savory tarts and delicious scones...)

Cal Patch, (makes the dresses that make us ALL sing!) Amy Gretchen, (rocked up my slides for the show)

 Ann Wood, (i LOVE her bird ballerinas!!!)

(Ann also taught a class on making whimsical boats from old vintage fabrics)

Rebecca Ringquist, (LOVE her layered storied creations)

(she's also a great singer!)

Jill Draper, (ridiculous yarn maker/knitter...rocked up the hard core coffee in the morning too) Fiona Ellis, (Fiona taught us all to belly dance one evening by the fire....)Jessica Marquez. LOVE LOVE LOVE and More LOVE.

We had some CRAZY creative $#%^&*( going on at our Brae Cove cabin.

Life is just slower, cleaner, clearer by a lake.


This little guy "Billy" came home with me...

SQUAM busts my heart wider open every time. I am twelve again when I'm in the woods in these historied cabins with like minded sprites. I'm sure I've said it before, but these retreats have brought me to kindreds I never dreamed I would find. Women who "get it" - ALL of it, whatever IT is at the moment.

Many "campers" shared beautiful stories with me that I will forever cherish. I truly feel that sharing my play about my mom, as intense as it is, starts a conversation that we all need to have. It's everybody's story. We will all give, care, mourn, rejoice in ways we can't imagine until... we're there. But there is comfort in company. Thank you all.

Until September Squam....


MEANWHILE, on to BOSTON for the big "Love Songs of Woody Guthrie" extravaganza tomorrow night (JUNE 12). I am pretty much bursting - to see my songs choreographed? I never would have dreamed such a thing! My only pang of regret is that I don't get to dance! But what a crazy once in a lifetime event. I hope you can make it.




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