I basically went from Cologne, (Koln) germany to Pittburgh. Didn't even change out the stuff in my suitcase. (same shirt, both shows, oh well) The concert for WDR there? magical.


Johannes Strate sang with me on "Sweetest Angel" and "More True Lovers Than One."


I think we need to do more duets on both of our next records. I would be happy to try to master a German Chorus or two.

Wenzel did a powerful verse on "New Star." and Billy Bragg was, as ever, irrascible and wicked fun. Nora Guthrie even took a verse on our finale of "This Land is Your Land."

photos courtesy of the lovely Garance and Gwendoline (who brought chocolate and love all the way from Neuchatel!)



And then, my brain was rearranged in Pittsburgh. I honestly had no idea how my idea would land. What people might take away from my story. It was a profound experience.

Again, I can't thank Tracy Brigden enough for taking a chance on me. I also met some incredible playwrights and actors. Every piece that I saw performed at the Momentum Festival was brilliant, original, exciting. I am a new fan of Anton Dudley, Charlie Sohne, Keith Gordon, Janine Nabers, and Stephen Massicotte. The actors? off the hook, especially given such short rehearsal opportunities before putting it all out there.

Thank you Amy, Carlyn, Joanna, Ben, Natalie, Brad, Mark, Matt....if I've forgotten anyone, it's the blur, -  thank you too.

I am wishing we could take our little festival of plays on the road. We shall see, I'm pretty sure there is more to this story!


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