i love you all

I dreamed I saw my mother. She didn't say anything but she met my eyes. We held each other's gaze. I said, "There you are, I've been looking for you."

My husband had to be in Paris, again. I certainly didn't want to be home alone, although I have plenty of work to do. So I tagged along. Happy to be anonymous, although terribly strangely homesick for the life that tethered me and yet taught me so much these passed years.

What a bummer. Is nothing sacred? I suppose it's better than profanity.

I do miss her so. And, funny, her demented persona was so vivid, that I have a hard time conjuring "normal" mom. I suppose that will come.

"I love you all"

"I had the best life anyone could have had"

Mop and Broom Horse/Man, Rue de Sevres

At least some things are certain. They're still smoking....

Sex still sells.

And love prevails.


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