paris, again

Not sure what happened to Leo's left foot, or is this Pipo? And the mustache? Don't ask. But we got the green light. "Tanks goodness" as my husband would say, he does NOT have pneumonia. The worst sinus infection of life so far, yes. And god bless Paris - You can walk into a place, get a chest scan, and within an hour you've been shown around your own x-ray. The technician explains it to YOU yourself, there's not this secret society where you must wait for the doctor to call you, - oh, maybe two or three days later to tell you you do or do not have pneumonia.


Cue biblical cloud/sun burst....


We also have pretty pictures of the labyrinthine mess that constitutes my husband's sinuses. "Operate or this will keep happening," they say. Joyeux Noel!

Cue Nice Big Bottle of wine... for ME of course because husband is on the antibiotics of all time!


1000 euro wings in a window.


C'est la vie. I am in Paris. I've had uninterrupted time to work for two whole days. First time in a very very long time. This is good. And i've found in a big blue folder that my mother labeled "this folder to go to Jonatha... eventually...PRIVATE" - letters, photos, treasures!!

jb about 6


jb not too long after that!


mother, son, sunday, st. sulpice


And then, there was Sunday, they were everywhere - sons, daughters, their parents. Often it's just the mums - they always seem to outlive the dads - And it is more than poignant.


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