song heaven

When a bunch of women, I mean really really accomplished and talented women get together from all corners of the world, great things could happen. 

They did. And they did. I don't even have words for how profound  these past few days were. No egos, no drama. Just a little too much fun, and a bunch of killer songs.

 (ok, debi nova and I wrote one really silly one, - but if we take out the dirty parts we could pitch it to sesame street.)


Natalia Lafourcade

Carolyne Dawn Johnson

Lena Perez

Deana Carter

Debi Nova

Erika Nuri


everybody brought their game. I can't and will not stop gushing. and I never wanted it to end.

Claudia Brant   -  put the whole thing together. ASCAP, SONY, and D'Anbino wines were sponsors, so we didn't go hungry, and we certainly didn't go without a nice Cabernet every evening!! (the chocolate truffles didn't hurt either!)



Jeeve was our uber gifted engineer, and on the spot producer. WOW


Karl from ASCAP, Mike from D'Anbino wines!


Malibu, late afternoon shimmer



the path to the paradise


It was heaven. We were sequestered and coddled in a gorgeous house (IN MALIBU!) with a recording studio. We just wrote and recorded and wrote and recorded some more. I am in heavy song camp withdrawal.



front to back: Natalia, Lena, jb, Claudia, CDJ, Erika, Debi. (Deana had to bolt to pick up her son at school!)


Thank you thank you thank you: Alexandra, Gabriela, Daniel, Karl, Brendan, Mike, SAL, the Gibbs, the ladies who tidied up every day. I am ever grateful.


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