the great escape

OK, enough is enough. dementia and surgery aside? Blah blah blah, I'm getting tired of myself!!!

Me and Rex -- this must be late 80's (apparently when i was a boy)


I've gotta get out of dodge and try to get a clear picture of what/when/how I'll finish MY work.... What better than a little escape to the Montreux Jazz Festival. Some of you may remember my blissful journals about one of my favorite places on earth. I have played there a few times, -- opening for Paul Simon and debuting the songs from "The Works" with Nora Guthrie in the audience a definite high point.


Often I am there as a fan, cheering on my husband's clients who also play there regularly. It is breathtakingly beautiful on Lake Geneva, you look across to the french Alps and Evian, my favorite water source! The festival itself is on a technical and hospitable level no one could ever touch. I treasure my days there, and come hell or high water, I am going.


This year is Tommy Lipuma's 75th birthday. He signed me to my first two record deals, but also has produced some of the most beautiful records of our time. Diana Krall, George Benson, Natalie Cole, Joe Sample and Randy Crawford, Miles Davis.... the list is really ridiculous. My husband has organized an evening in his honor with many of the artists he has worked with along the way. Hell, I think even Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, and Doctor John are going to be there!! Oughta be quite a party.


I am crossing my i's and dotting my t's (yup, that's how tired I am) I have called in the reinforcements, made back up plan after back up plan. Written out careful instructions, listed every single quirk and precaution and medicine and prayer. Life, I am told, must go on. My mother, if she were still completely there, would have it no other way. She still, when that lucid part of her surfaces will say, "You must have ten thousand things to do, I don't want to be a burden, now GO!" This of course could follow a weepy "Don't ever leave me. Not even for a minute. I need you." (oh my heart)


So here I go. Calling all angels to keep her and hold her safe.


I think that Rabbi really got under my skin!!! I ain't afraid of NO work!!!


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