color/guitar emergency/opportunity

I had to take my beloved Olson Guitar to the Flip Scipio guitar hospital in Brooklyn. I knocked it over last weekend doing a little salon concert for my brother's school. BAM it fell in just the exact way as to crack the beautiful Cedar top. A year ago, I would have crumbled. Now? It was a strange relief in a way to finally have the dreaded "bad thing" happen to my most cherished possession. It's been lost by the airlines, needed setting up and down over the years. But this is the first serious battle wound! And now, it's fine. Everything is fine. And it's just one more reminder not to hold too tight to anything.


It's been a little intense around here, so getting out was a very big deal and felt almost surreal. The colors seared into my brain; vivid. The outlines of things, urgent, pressing. Here was my  hidden gift in the mission!


this beautiful turquoise bike!


these crazy hues. I know, it's graffiti and junk and just somebody's bike.... maybe I'd better get out more!


turquoise cream puff. these are all cell phone pix and so the colors are funky.


and then, when I got back, this was on Mom's desk. Sometimes I am floored by her amazing efforts, still, to keep writing. Just this morning she came up with a new title for a poem: "Lost opportunities, found opportunities."


And again, as she says almost every day, "You know, we should really make a play out of all this." And I say, "That's a great idea mom, I will write it all down. In fact, maybe it should be a documentary!" Without missing a beat, she says:


"No, a docuWOMANtary!" and cracks herself up.


No one can find the "special note" - but I wonder what it says!


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