spring hopes eternal

We braved the bus again today. A little checkup on that knee. A little check in on those "gammy" (as mom likes to say) hips.


Julie and Elaine. We triple teamed, as mom was super cranky.


Last time Dr. Bronson said:

"Mrs. Nelson, if you were a car, I would tell you you have three flat tires." This time, he told us the knees looked great (especially the one he replaced in November) but the hips? Worse. Worser, Worst:

"Mrs. Nelson, you have no hip sockets. On a scale of 1 to 10 in severity, you are beyond an 11."


Oh daunting news. We are bracing. We are gearing up. We are praying. Unrelenting pain is not really ok. Surgery is hell. Deep breath.


And then, a little bird. Reassurance? Life will go on? Spring will always bring things around. (ok, maybe after it hangs you up the most!)


It was like he was telling us something. He kept posing.


and posing

ok, little bird. tell me. tell me.


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