Julie's big adventure

Julie is my sister in law. She is also the angel of all time - my main caregiver helper with my mom. She is as intuitive now about "Stoney Baloney" as I am, and can spar with her like a champ. She also has the patience of Job, taking the majority of the very long night shifts.


Well, Yesterday Julie (who never ever complains about anything so if she even whispers or whimpers you know it's real) had a toothache.


I got on the phone right away. I LOVE my dentist. He said come right over.


Julie needs glasses, but often has misplaced hers just when she needs them. I think she looked great in mine, filling out the forms.


We only had to wait for a bit, even though the waiting room was packed. (Did I say I love my dentist?)


Well, Dr. Lowenberg took a quick look at the x-ray and said,

"Julie, you're in trouble, that has to come out - today. I'm sending you next door."


Of course she resisted, it was a little too much too quickly for our Jules, but we pressed her. And reminded her that she'd feel so much better if she just went for it, got it out of the way. She tried again, "Can't you just take that top part of the crown off quick, and we'll put some candy corn in there instead?" Now THAT's a true practical (julie) midwestern idea.


We went next door.



and Dr. Beller whipped that thing right out.



He was so gentle with the novocaine


Julie was thrilled. "NO PAIN!!! I can't believe it! And it went so quickly, I thought there would be hours of drilling and scraping and pushing and pulling. But it was so easy and I got a stitch!!" She wanted to show everyone on the subway on the way home too, she was so excited about the stitch.


I couldn't find any candy corn at Duane Reade. So for now there's a hole, but no pain, and most importantly no infection.


The best part? Mom broke a tooth a couple of months ago and we've been advised that to start fixing her teeth at this point would be a real nightmare. She complains often and convincingly "what kind of a dentist would just say to sit tight when there's this jagged broken tooth. I just don't understand." We all have to say we understand, and yes it seems strange but for now, you can hardly see it. As long as it doesn't hurt you, we'll (and this is her favorite line) "keep on keeping on!"


Well now Julie can just tell her the dentist told her the same thing. Their holes are in almost the exact same place! And you really can't even see it when they smile!


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