really? part 2

Pull your damned pants up. Stop it with this shit.



All right, now that I've gotten that out of the way.


I've been working on this musical for a couple years now with Joe Sample and Marc Mantell. Marc wrote "the book" and Joe and I have been hammering out songs. It's taking on a bit of momentum now. Quite exciting actually. I can SEE the vivid scenes, the back and forth between our leads, the dancing, the pool-of-light, 11o'clock drop-down-and-weep moments.

 marc mantell, joe sample, jb


Joe is also in town playing at the Blue Note all week with the CRUSADERS. If you've never seen this band? You'd better go. If you have seen this band then you know. GO. Three of the four original guys are here - Joe, Wilton Felder and Wayne Henderson. They came up together in Houston, TX in the 40's and 50's. They have seen it ALL.


The stories Joe tells? Beyond colorful. The music they play? Deep, soulful, funky, greasy - the rainbow.

See you there! Pants off the ground now, you hear?


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