There was a lady in our hotel with a huge white long haired dog. They could have been sisters. Stunningly similar in profile. It never ceases to amaze me how we come to look exactly like our dogs - or do we choose them because they are somehow familiar? I am convinced that I must have been a golden retriever in a past life. Why else would I be so thrilled with any kind of praise, and so willing to 'go fetch' tirelessly?

I walked around Paris for a bit just yesterday. Yes, a quick business turnaround trip. And luckily I got a perfect April day. The fashion? Full bloom. Two more ladies and their dog counterpart.



then, just a few paces later, mom and daughter. Sliding out of Christian Dior. Mom? full Burka. Daughter? patent leather lace-up S&M boots, Swarovski crystal rap hat, tight tight tight.... everything!



Farther from fashion central, color seemed to be the thing.


Pink pig tails by the Seine

green rock and roll hair.


Orange shades. (Hermes, i'm sure)



Even the trees got dressed up. I can see the shaggy face in the bark.


Oh Lavender!


Acid washed jeans! Really?

Always fashion forward, a pigeon hat.


And we had just enough time for dinner at one of my favorite tiny places. It is called "L'invitation." in the 16th arrondissement.

Merci Regis (chef de cuisine extraordinaire) and Alexia (sommelier, hostesse super-gentille)


Desolee que mon sejour soit si court. Mais rien n'est mieux que le printemps a Paris!!!!


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