ocean view

I found really cheap tickets and planned a sneak, four day escape for my husband's birthday.


On the day we were supposed to fly, all the public employees on the island decided to stay home from work. No firefighters? No airport. I can't even describe the sinking of my heart, down into my bones. Back home. Now it would be a three day escape if any at all.


We rallied and tried again the next morning. The firefighters came to work. We came to the island. And there was that water, I still can't believe it's real. I love the crazy turquoise clash with the more powdery blue sky.


We showed up exhausted and pale.


But absolutely ready, to. do. nothing.

Ok, maybe a little inflammatory reading.


a little bit of beach walking


three meals a day! (unheard of)



pretty night times.


We also have this game where we make up the stories that go with the people we see.


we are spies.


We had a whole crazy one involving a singer in a rock band and a less than honorable former BP muckety muck going for most of yesterday. But our characters wouldn't behave. So we still haven't written the ending.


You forget that whatever it takes, you MUST step away from the craziness. You must shut down the worrying and the list making and the overwhelm. Even if it's a walk in the park. A long hot bath. For two nights, I have actually really slept well. Everything is still fine. Everything in its own time.


and I probably have, oh, 10,000 or so new freckles to show for it.


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