me and mike

I'm on a committee here in New York, that gives me some cool privileges...I got to go to a Grammy Party for New York nominees at Gracie Mansion. And, yup, I got to meet and kibbitz with the mayor and get my picture taken.


I finally understand how the whole paparazzi thing works, why, oh, Katy Perrry, for instance, always seems to be looking right at the camera, even though there are probably 20 at any given time flashing from different directions. 


Well, Mike explained it all. "Ok, start left, he said, and then pan slowly to the right so that everyone gets their money shot. Just follow me."


I love his little smirk. I thanked him for the smoking ban. Police commissioner Kelly was there too. They all stayed way longer than anyone expected. The rumor was that they were really having a good time hanging out with real musicians. They didn't really want to leave to go do more boring civic work. Cyndi Lauper was there. Roseanne Cash and John Leventhal, that's Phil Ramone to my right, and Jennifer Blakeman to Mike's left. Wheee.


We also got a tour of the mansion. Not bad digs. Although Mike lives in his massive brownstone on 79th street instead.


And, speaking of the grammys Viva Esperanza Spalding! I know it was controversial, but I think it was pretty cool.


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