do not touch

I don't think it's malicious or angry on her part. I think she thinks she's ripping it up, tearing the pictures out to make something new. But it was a bit emotional. Why THIS book? I wanted to ask her. The very one she'd protected so fiercely from perceived treachery, thieving caregivers. The imaginary crowd that is always looking over her shoulder.




How do we ever know what's really going on in dementia's mind.


Then, this morning, her favorite thing. Word play. She corrects my grammar:  "No it's not 'that works good for cleaning glasses,' its 'that works well.'"

me: "right mom, I will pay better attention! That DOES work WELL."

mom: "I'm going to have to send you a bill for the education."

me: "You're right, I think you should."

mom: "Well, Bill ran off with that other woman, so you're off the hook for now."


Where does she get it? She still loves to make me laugh.

Later, this was taped to the typewriter.  "This is the day the Lord hath made. Do Not Touch."


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