The Muffin Man

My mom and dad were married for 37 years. Then they divorced. Four years later they married - each other, again. My brothers and I were invited to the wedding. They couldn't make it. So I was the only kid representing.


My uncle Jay and me.


It was a little odd. None of us was too sure it was a good idea. Leave well enough alone, we thought. But there they were, for better or for worse, again, on the blustery coast of Maine before a gaggle of townspeople and friends.


My mom has been obsessing over the tiny photo album from that day. She pores over it, asking who each person is. Once, she was a little foggy about dad, but then recovered! She hates the beard now. Although she can't remember the name for it.


She is convinced someone will steal the album, and so has been writing "PRIVATE, DO NOT TAKE, PLEASE." all over the handmade front cover.



She misspelled her name too. But it's so colorful. She is making excellent use of the crayons I gave her for Christmas.


This morning mom sang three different versions of "Do you know the muffin man" making up new lyrics every time - "Where'd he go? the muffin man?" - "Never seen the muffin man."


At the end of most stories, or songs, she'll say, "You know, we should really make a show out of this. We could make some money. And we could call it 'Stoney's Baloney' (Stone is her maiden name.)


Ten minutes later she pulled out her best bit for my husband. Whenever she sees him she'll put on her version of a New York accent and say: "Are you Married?" (I'm not sure what movie it's in, but it is her favorite scene to quote. A woman who I'm assuming is a prostitute is being booked in the local precinct. She asks, man to man, "Are you married" then proceeds, "my mother says, I should get married, my friends say I should get married. Everyone thinks I oughta get married. But where ya gonna find a man?"


My husband always replies, yes I am married to your daughter. She didn't miss a beat: "Do you think the muffin man is married?"


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