Aunt Donnah's Roast Possum



According to the author, you only eat possum in the winter. DUH! And "There's only one thing to serve possum with - sweet potatoes."


Remember to clean it as soon as possible after shooting.


I can't wait to try Butt's Gator Tail: "If you haven't eaten 'gator tail before, you're in for a surprise. It's gonna taste a little bit like chicken, a little bit like pork, and a little bit like fish. It's so good, you'll wanna lay down and scream."


And there's a whole chapter devoted to "Fish, Cooter, 'n Shrimp." Hallelujah. About time.


Jen also sent me some tap shoes,


So I am working on a routine that I will hopefully be able to share soon, unless the neighbors shoot me first. I'm sure the folks downstairs are NOT really loving my earnest efforts at the time step.

But I think I have "star tone!!"


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