snow and sarge

Don't get me wrong. I love snow wicked bad like any kid hoping to stay home from school.


But it's getting a little ridiculous here in New York. They just need to start banning street parking or we're never going to dig out from this stuff.


People are getting so tired of shovelling, they just park in the streets, or diagonally so they can actually get back out again. This is when I'm so happy I just gave my old Mazda to the Salvation Army when I moved here from LA.


I'm not sure why or how my flight got in with no problem yesterday. I felt so lucky... until an hour and a half later, when our suitcases were still nowhere in sight. Meanwhile, the flight from Brussels got theirs, Cancun, all sunburnt and smug got theirs. I've been meaning to write a letter to American Airlines. I don't think I've ever waited under a half hour for my bags, and especially if London is involved they have about a 50/50 record of losing one, usually a guitar, for a few days. I understand everyone is trying to save money by laying off the poor bottom line... but how 'bout the muckety mucks taking a tiny cut in their christmas bonuses so anything out there in us poor schlubs' worlds might have a chance of running smoothly.


Just sayin'


And then... when I got home, Sarge from down the hall came over. I'll write that letter tmorrow.


Sarge and I are working on a song.

It's about that blue blue sky, and that spiral staircase to heaven.

Thank you Cannes, Paris, Sarge... a tres bientot j'espere.


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