midem again

But who made this blue so perfect.


This birthday so beautiful.


Yes, Cannes (and love.) The January regular. It seemed a little more sober this year at the MIDEM music conference. I liked it. Not as many people were bullshitting about the incredible streams of revenue out there just waiting to be plucked out of thin air by us lucky creators. The jury is in apparently. And the majority of people think we're full of crap anyway, I mean who do we think we are, expecting to make a LIVING off of what we do. Most people think we should go back to our day jobs and stop whining.


I'm trying to imagine editing children's textbooks 9-5, cleaning someone's apartment, painting a living room, then trying to run off to a gig in Harvard Square right now. Don't get me wrong, it was fun when I was 20. Ok, not really ......


Anyway, what matters is we found each other, music and I, absolutely for better, never for worse. We found each other, my husband and I, absolutely for BEST, never for worse. And I ain't going back. Remember WEST SIDE STORY... "something's coming, don't know when....but it's soon, catch the moon, one handed catch..."


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