I took a chance and grabbed my camera. Usually I'm too scared. But, come on now, what the hell? Why? How? When will this go away?


These guys have to walk like they've got a full load in a diaper just to keep the pants mid thigh. But this guy? That former waistband is almost at his knees. His bum is actually above the hem of his jacket. His little long underpants are barely covering the rest.... and it's friggin' 18 degrees out.  Does his girlfriend really think this is cool? Does he pull up his pants when he goes to visit his grandma? Does he feel a little bit foolish when the wind blows and his privates are screaming for help? Or when the person behind him trudging up the subway steps (me) has to look right at that stretched thin layer covering his naked ass.


How 'bout that guy that fell to his death trying to get away from a robbery on a fire escape because he was wearing pants like this.


What gives. Can't anybody explain why this trend will not die?


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