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There was a shooting right in front of my building last week. Turf war I think. One guy drove away, the one left standing just started firing wildly at the moving car. Of course a kid sitting in another car across the street waiting for his mom is the one who got hit. In the face. I believe he survived.


In my neighborhood the violence is all around "disrespect." I suppose that translates everywhere. Who knows what's in a hopped up, crazy mind?


But, the odds are,  that if you have a gun, you are more likely to get shot than if you don't. So, I don't want a gun.

I want more snow days.


I want more singing. In harmony. (vance gilbert, aztec two-step)


I want more collaboration, and conversation. Inspiration. (ben wisch, rick price)


I was having a conversation yesterday with Jen Lee about reality, the honest to goodness day to day of every single life. No glamour, daily bread. And how you are ready to tell a story when you can tell it with true compassion. With love. I am working on this.


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