so I've known David Buskin since he wrote the "Serious Freedom" jingle for Goodyear, and somehow I ended up singing it. Kaching. Of course I never got another jingle after that.... but I digress. David is a one of a kind sweetheart. Wickedly funny, endlessly talented and kind, and graceful in all the best ways.


The point is, If David ever calls it's for a very good reason. So when he called me about this concert to honor Dick Pleasants at Sanders Theatre. I jumped.


First we did a little warm-up radio at WUMB

You have to wear a hard hat just in case the garage finally gives way on the way to the studio...


 Batteau was smart and came in through safer turf...Obviously, we lived to tell.


And what a telling it was. In fact, it was a total love-in last night. And I couldn't have been more thrilled to be a part of it. I got to see so many old friends and meet a few new...


I got to sing with total badass Patty Larkin.


If you don't have her latest record "25" GET IT.

patty and her stratty


Patty, Buskin, Batteau, Pat Wiktor, Greg Greenway, Joe Jencks... I didn't get pictures of everyone... I'm sure they'll be trickling in, but there was a helluva lot of love going around..


Lori McKenna? quit it. She takes no prisoners. I am always stunned and left gasping at her delivery and the punch in the gut in her words. Antje Duvekot? WOWEE. Check her out.

Ellis Paul brought it home


Jonathan Edwards kicked us all up a notch, Brother Sun (so soulful, awesome HARMONY) and Buskin and Batteau are powerful and deep and then ridiculously funny. And then... Tom Rush. MASTER. So.... it just didn't suck for me at all.


 I got a good reminder of why I'm on this planet and what a very lucky girl I am to share the air, the evening, the stage with creatures like this.


Dick Pleasants is a big reason why we were on that stage at all.

Thanks so much to everyone at WUMB (especially Pat Monteith) for all their hard work to make the show so seamless and fun. Thanks to Klon, the gentle giant sound man of heart and soul. He is a technical magician and made us all sound so pretty.


My heart is full again.


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