blue christmas

When we can get mom to actually get up and walk on that new knee, we often end up cajoling her with silly hats and impromptu performances to distract her from how mad she is at having to exercise. Luckily it's given us lots of choices for holiday greetings.


In other news, I have accomplished some more knitting. I am making myself finish up my half-done projects.... and, somehow, they are all, fittingly, BLUE.

This is my FAVE. A little beaded treacle!

and this little all purpose wreck-around cardigan? not bad


(thanks to HAPPY KNITS in Portland OR!!!)


And then there's the "re-started three times, drove me crazy for a year and I still hate it" BEHEEMOTH!


But in the words of MEATLOAF, "two out of three ain't bad."


There's just something a little too earnest about it. Dare I say outdated? Little house on the prairie-ish?

I'm gonna rip it out and make something someone might actually WEAR!!!

Meanwhile, happy holidays. And don't forget your hat, it's COLD out there.



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