Usually, it's hard luck around my subway stop. A lot of heartbreaking stories. You don't even have to ask. It's written in lined angry faces, a tired slow pace.



Yesterday, on the railing right outside I was struck by the change someone left. Did they see it on the ground and think someone might miss it and come back for it? Did they purposely put it on the railing to see what would happen? Was there some social experiment going on? A hidden camera to follow eleven cents on its way?


Later last night, the money was gone. I was trying to get somewhere in a hurry at rush hour and of course the whole line had been shut down by some emergency down town. I decided, rather than stress, be late, run like a madwoman to get to my appointment, nah, maybe it's time to turn around, slow down, go home. There really was no way to get there from here in the time that remained after 15 minutes on a grounded 6 train.


Bubble bath, glass of chianti, the latest New Yorker. Now that's a good start. The Joyce Carol Oates piece? "A Widow's Story" - stunning, I'm still recovering. I took a real "time out."


Not sure what it has to do with anything except, things are finally settling into some kind of rhythm here. I actually feel like singing and recording again. Caregiving has been a full time job for the past few months...but there is a light somewhere in the tunnel. And I'm gonna find it. Inspiration, and charity, just in time for the holidays!


And, nothing beats a new hat and mustache!!!


And, as if that wasn't enough???


Apparently, the UK classic rock critic's #6, of the top 50 best songs of 2010.... "Taste of Danger"




I beat out Tom Petty, the Sick Puppies, and Bachman and Turner.  I rock!!!


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