dick pleasants

When I first moved back to boston after college, i had a beat up diesel rabbit, (that's a car...) a shared one bedroom apartment in the south end, a bunch of tattered dance clothes, a degree in english, and a major passion for writing and singing songs. I was a cleaning lady, I was a nanny ("so much mine") I painted houses, moved furniture, whatever I could do so that I could keep dancing and sending out cassette tapes to see if Jennifer and I could get some gigs.


Anyway, I still remember driving around town, from nanny gig to rehearsal with the Danny Sloan Dance Co. to cleaning someone's apartment. Sometimes I would actually have to pull over so I could really listen to the voice that enchanted and gave me hope and desire and comfort. It was Dick Pleasants. He had the folk radio show on WGBH. He had that calm and knowing warmth. In those days I just hoped i would be lucky enough to ever be on his show, or even just meet him. I was always knocked out by the new things he would discover and share. And then, sure enough he championed me and Jennifer in our early "Story" days, and has been an incredible friend and supporter ever since.


Well, all this to say. A bunch of us are getting together to throw a party/concert/shebang to honor Dick Pleasants and benefit WUMB which is where his voice resides now. Kind of a 'right back atcha...' There are not many people who have done more for the buskers and bangers in Boston over the years. Dick has the voice and heart and soul I will always love and respect.


January 7th, Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA is the place to be.


It's me, buskin and batteau, jonathan edwards, tom rush, patty larkin, lori McKenna, greg greenway (brother sun!)  antje duvekot, and ellis paul. Nothing cooler than that. Tickets go on sale TODAY!!!!!!

buy tickets HERE

I'm working on some spandex costumes. Don't miss this one.



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