Patrick's pumpkin, sage, chestnut risotto

To make a great risotto, you have to have the patience of Job, the creativity of a master painter, and a really strong stirring arm.


My husband, thank god, has all three, and I live for the nights when he breaks out the special copper pot, and his old wrecked wooden spoon. Last night he cooked up one of his masterpieces; the pumpkin, sage, chestnut, bacon and a couple of secret ingredients risotto.




I don't know how he does it, just the time to cook down the onions is enough to put my brain in a frizz. I think it's the total absorption, the way cooking can take you away from every other care, and you have results; a yummy nurturing, nourishing, sublime, never-quite-the-same-twice creation at the end.


And the wine never hurts one bit either....


I thought the label was funny. Little baby Jesus and the vines.


But you know, you find faith in all sorts of places!


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