trusting the way

my screwed up phone


I just want a phone to be a phone. I don't want to do email all day long on my PHONE. I don't want to surf the web all day long on my PHONE. I don't want to twitter, facebook (strange verbs, eh?) on my PHONE. I just want a friggin' PHONE to make PHONE calls when I need to make PHONE calls. Ok, I'll text if I have to.....Ok, I'm cranky because yoga (yes, Bikram yoga) was too hot and WAY too smelly. As I get older, I have no tolerance for bad smells. The BO next to me? Really? Is that necessary in 2010? And the smoker across the room? once she starts to sweat, it's like we're all dragging on camels. Smoking and then running to Bikram seems so...50 years ago.


So, I digress? Of course, my PHONE, probably the last of its kind, died yesterday. And of course they are discontinuing it, and of course you can't even get a phone without paying a monthly fee for its eventual access to all the stuff I don't even WANT.


The very kind lady at Verizon shuffled me to the back of the store to show me the 'dumb phones' for people like me. (She had too much of that toxic perfumy hair conditioner in her hair.) But she was wicked nice.


I chose a pretty blue one. I hate it. But it was free because only a dummy like me would want a crappy blue phone that doesn't really DO anything! I keep dropping it because it's slippery and I have to slide the thing out to get to the letters.


In other news, I got home yesterday with a new copy of the November Christian Science Journal.... and there was a freshly published poem of my mother's. Kinda made our day.


Ok I will stop being cranky. We are all doing our best. I will trust the way.


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