Well, it has been a little hectic. I visited the beloved WUMB last Friday and had a pretty stellar time with John Laurenti. We talked about my sexy band a lot in preparation for our big Scullers debut.


And, indeed, Scullers was a joy. The intimacy really made for a spontaneous combustion of everything AND the kitchen sink. We even did a little a cappella "room in my heart" with the whole audience for our pal Ethan, who called out to make sure we knew he was in the HOUSE!!


Then the weekend brought another food summit with some friends.

Giuseppe, Brian and Luis, the three chefs boy oh boy and a big black truffle!!!



Oh my, yellowtail to die for.


the lovely Dana with the second course, polpo with avacado, cilantro....and some secret stuff.


Risotto with porcini mushrooms and black truffle.


and just when you thought it was safe to breathe....pork oh my my my.


Right back to the glamorous music business!


Joe Sample and I got back to work on our songs for our musical called QUADROON. There's nothing like late nights in a really dodgy hotel room!

We even had a window.


And then, nothing mattered but the music (I've been watching "The Red Shoes" with my mother. Lermentov the ballet impressario keeps harping on Moira Shearer's character Vicki, "nothing matters but the music" and... "why do you want to dance?"  Vicki: "why do you want to live?")


We recorded three new songs yesterday at Avatar. (that's where we recorded "The Works" oh so long ago. That's Tim Luntzel on bass,

Lewis Nash on drums in the distance... me in the reflection in the vocal cage.

Tyley Ross came in and knocked a really poignant pivotal song out of the PARK!!

Joe, Tyley and Jo


Marc Anthony Thompson came by too and rocked up our pimp song.


Ok so there's a love triangle, of course! pimp, priest, nun, and of course God is in the mix. So I guess maybe it's a love square!


More very soon.


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