I've been back in Boston a little early to see my mom, and took the time to drive by the house where I grew up.

This photo was taken in the back yard. I remember this dumb nylon shirt. I thought I would be so cool, I even had the light blue Levi's corduroys that went with it. But when I got to school, the mean girls had boobs and hirachis and perfect gros grain matching hair bands and fair isles sweaters. I just couldn't keep up.


Except.... I had a TREE HOUSE that my dad built.


and a trapeze bar


and an old jungle gym. I was even master of the tetherball.


Well, sadly, my old circus ring is gone, my treehouse torn down. The houses and street seem strangely small now. There's a ball of sadness in the pit of my stomach.


I recently heard some wonderful stories about my dad from a friend who came to the show in Bethlehem, New Hampshire. So when I found all these pictures...


This is my dad receiving a journalism award. In the front is David Brinkley. Kinda cool!

My mom reminded me yesterday, "He was a good man." He really was.


SCULLERS tomorrow with the sexy band!!!! Last gig for a while.... Just Sayin'


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