Oh the family we never knew we had.

Song School THANK YOU. My heart was blown wide open. Every single person there brought such honesty, bravery, integrity and joy to the goings on. Every day was different, every class brought new revelations and surprises. I learned soooooo much.


And then, to top it all off, I got to be a goober fan for once. I just don't get a chance to see my peeps play that often, so when they're all mushed into a perfect, sublime setting, and playing in proximity? Heaven.


Darrell Scott and Joe Craven. Ridiculous.


JB: "sniffle, he's so dreamy..."

Amy: "sniffle, oh my god, he just did that."

Vance: "sniffle... I quit."

David, swoon, Wilcox. That's what the lonely is for....


Doris, from Girlyman.... she sang "in the Gloaming" with me on the last open mic night. Sweet.



Ty from Girlyman, mad hot.


Nate from Girlyman, with the strap-on of the century. And the most amazing fuschia eye shadow.


Christmas Tricia, one of the kindred red-heads that seemed to dominate (in a lovely way)  the landscape in Lyons. She gave me the beautiful necklace in the photo.


Meghan, who won the troubadour contest. YAY, Cindy and JB. MORE red hair.



Songwriter, upright bass, drums, ukelele... is there anything this red head can't do??


Umm, separated at birth?

And then, when I thought it couldn't get any more strangely blissful, a little angel came out dressed as Dorothy and rocked "somewhere over the rainbow." not a flinch, pitch perfect.


Life IS good.


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