I'm back!

My husband has his pilot's license and flew me up to Boston this week.



It sure is beautiful up there.


Westchester just after take off.


I was playing in my old stomping grounds this week.

Totally brought me back to my New England days. Check out one old Saybrook fan!!


I forgot to get her name, but she fully embraced the Guthrie lyrics from "All You Gotta Do is Touch me." I mean, she REALLY embraced them!!! (oh yeah, go SOX)

 I fully aim...

I am the works....LOVE it.

Steady feet. All I can say is, "OW."


In other news, Paul met his match, aka "shrimp" in Bethlehem NH.


I met a little Alpaca named Sophie at the Bethlehem farmer's market, and of course, went home with some of her wool...


She lives at Foggy Bottom Ranch! I also found some yummy Ayurvedic home made lemon & lavender cream from the Balanced Health Center. Heaven. And the local blueberries? Off the hook!


Last night in Pittsfield, i got to play an 1894 Hamburg Steinway piano. Oh my!


The theatre is STUNNING, so lovingly restored.


I was sorry to have missed "MENOPAUSE, the MUSICAL" though.

Onward to the Rockies. Folks Fest here we go!!


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