Life used to be a big bowl of cherries. As a kid I remember devouring fruit all summer long. My grandfather called me "Miss Peach" because peaches were my all time fave. I'd always finish the bowl before anyone else had a chance. And it all tasted really really good.


Too many summers have come and gone where I've tried one more time to buy peaches, or cherries, or plums, and been disappointed and miffed because they've been picked too soon, and are dried out and tasteless.


I've finally found a source for tasty locally grown stuff. The $7.50 heirloom tomato I bought yesterday almost gave me a heart attack at the checkout counter. But I carried it home tenderly like the most precious crystal vase...and devoured it, perfect, just salt, pepper, olive oil.


And the cherries have been superb. I hear they're great for gout too.


Meanwhile, the gorgeous SQUAM ART WORKSHOPS JOURNAL is ready for order. For anyone unfamiliar, "SAW" is a beautiful arts retreat up in New Hampshire, in fact I'm doing a couple of songwriting sessions for this September's retreat.  If the trek is too far or too much, the journal might just be a sweet way to get a taste for this incredible place.


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