There are ladders everywhere this July. Yesterday I watched as three different families chose (and went to crazy lengths) to go around this ladder. This involved kathunking strollers off of curbs and squeezing them between parked cars...one nanny just shook her head as the mommy shrieked "NOooooo, don't go under there, it's BAD LUCK!!!"

 The guys holding the ladder were just cracking up. It really freaked people out. I wanted to be brave and just go under, but there was a guy up there with a huge bucket of grout and, you know, it could have been dangerous... so I went around too. And then later, before I had realized it, I technically went under a scaffolding one. So far from the sidewalk... did that count? That's when I saw the conspiracy. They are everywhere, the ladders are laughing at us.


When I got back to my little room, my little songs, I realized I have my mother's old prayer rug on my wurlitzer, under my notebooks and my laptops and my M-Audio recorder.  And somehow, my grandmother Amelia's bracelet ended up on top of my notebooks too.  (she could play the piano like nobody's business)


And I have a "First Lady of Fabulous" reusable shopping bag on my chair



and my lucky sock monkey looking down over me, next to the secret treasure box my brother made for me.

....Maybe we can call it even.


But I'm not really superstitious.


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