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Writing, when it's flowing, is better than chocolate. It is effortless, and magical. It's like the songs just appear. "Je n'Peux Pas te Plaire" was like that..."Little Bird" flew right in my window. When I'm stuck, I am unbearable, tortured.

I'm not complaining, mind you, I am luckier than lucky to do what I do. I just have to laugh at the pain that some songs bring. ok, Torture.



All I can do is something mindless, to get away from that excruciating BLANK. Yesterday I hand-washed every possible dirty thing, I ironed all my husband's beautiful shirts, I purged our closets in between attempts at a new song. I worked on two sweaters in progress.



Then, as usual, I found some little gems in the twenty notebooks this year has yielded. And that set me running, except I got stuck with this mind boggling pattern on the wurlitzer in 5/8 time. I could never sing it the same way twice, but it kept me mesmerized...


Back to knitting, I tried to think back into a normal metre. Why can't I write in 4/4? Why must everything be odd?

Well, who needs four beats to a measure, anyway? I say the waltz is KING. Back to my inspirations, the wordsmiths that keep my engine humming. And then, back to my 5/8 torture!


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