Too Much


Comme La Cigale et La Fourmi... "Que faisiez vous au temps chaud?...Nuit et jour, a tous venant, je chantais, ne vous deplaise..."


Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's my favorite city. There's such abundance in the simplest of things. So much happiness. More vivid after loss. Happiness is all the new songs in my head. They are waking me each morning. Happiness is wandering Paris with my true love last Thursday night, everyone out picnicking by the Seine.



De Gaulle, Hotel de Ville.


Happiness is the bottle of 2002 Chateau Pavie Macquin St. Emilion that managed to survive the flight home. Happiness is the Michel Cluizel chocolate truffles that didn't survive the flight home because I ate them ALL. Happiness is dancing til I dropped last night at a friend's wedding, a second line New Orleans brass quartet rocking the house....


In fact, I am working on a song called "Too Much Happiness" first inspired by Alice Munro's title for her book of short stories. In fact, happiness is an Alice Munro short story... Happiness is a Billy Collins poem, a skein of perfect baby alpaca yarn in midnight blue, coming home replenished, re-inspired. LOVE is happiness.


So the La Fontaine story goes, "et bien, dansez maintenant." Alors, j'y vais. I shall.


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