ROSEBURG revisited and rollicking!

We came back to Roseburg, Oregon this past Tuesday to make things right. No truncated set, no wack job interferers.


And what a day it was. The picnic blankets started showing up around 4 am as usual.


At noon, I was lucky enough to stop by KQEN and hang out with Kyle Bailey (thanks too to Bob Larson)


Arriving at the Half Shell, I loved this particular picnic blanket because I thought maybe Mark Wahlberg had moved to Roseburg, and as a going away present his girlfriend made him this blanket so he wouldn't forget her...

I didn't see him, but you never know.


I confessed to the audience that even as the crowd was filing out dutifully after the BOMB SCARE last year, I was running back into the band RV to grab the wine I had bought for after the show. As I opened the door I was thinking, wouldn't that just suck if the RV was where this doofis put the bomb, and I was stupid enough to die rescuing my 2001 Brunello. Well, I was good to go, and our consolation prize was that some of the town sponsors and the promoter hung out in the parking lot of the Motel 6 with us in our pajamas drinking my fine wine.

(motel 6, band, brunello)


This year, we got to stay backstage with the most gorgeous, scrumptious home cooking, our incredibly warm and welcoming hosts, and a fine bottle of Banfi. Honestly, this series is the most amazing collaboration between loving local sponsors, and town passion. We were so honored to be invited back and get to do another show.

Back stage beauty!


Fresh rasberries from someone's private stash.


I will treasure my orange apron forever.  THANK YOU ALL!


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