Right Pants in Portland, if you were there, you know what I mean!

It was truly a gorgeous drive from Bend to Portland. No complaints, PROMISE! No closed passes, no nasty road harshers. And, sadly, no tight panted bicycle men.

It's like there's more AIR in the air here. What the hell? The Oregon high?


I wish this tour were a little longer... we're just getting into our groove!



Last night, Rhiannon, the super lighting master at the Aladdin rocked up a fluttering beating heart for "Love is a Battlefield."


We saw old buddies

PDX Kevin!!


And new...

Jessa from Happy Knits - the most beautiful knitting store I have EVER seen. GO NOW!


I met Jessa and Sarah (the Happy Knits impressario) at the SQUAM ARTS WORKSHOPS. 'Nuff said, we bonded because  were the only ones one night still looking for a party in the woods. I now have a new project for the rest of the long journeys of June! Thanks you guys.

My friend Sara showed up with a perfect little winged creature for me. She reminds me of Jo Ballerina, the little action figure that used to trip around back and forth at the top of the web site. I've been meaning to resurrect her.



LOVE the hair.  (photos Sara Hertel)




So Seattle, you've got competition, you'd better bring it tonight. I know we will!! And we've still got a little chocolate left from the Bend extravaganza. If you're really good, we'll share.


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