BEND, they don't bite, THEY BIKE!

At Thump coffee, in Bend, Oregon, a local artist did an exhibit a while ago. People were invited to create wish shingles, that were then hung like mobiles from the ceiling of the cafe. When the exhibit was over, apparently people were so upset that they put the shingles back up. Even now, you can sit at the bar and make one while you're having an exquisite quadruple dry cappucino.


I took pix of a few of my fave wishes:

I do feel like I'm in a dreamland, and I don't want to get back into the real world!!



 I think that says "bored" ?


This one broke my heart.


Ummm. I hope that worked out.


I wish everyone loved music as much as I do TOO!


Anyway, BEND was hopping! The local barbershop was having a birdhouse sale


Mrs. Marcelle's school of dance was having their big event.

The National cycling championship was in town. WOWEE! I've never seen so many men in tight pants.


I got to visit with one of my fave deejays, Dori Donaho at Clear 101.7!!

Basically, Bend Oregon is the dreamiest place. Every time I am here it feels like home. The people, the landscape, the pace, the attention to the things that MATTER. My shoulders sink down to where they should be, I walk a little slower, I breathe a little deeper.

Lucky lucky us. We got to play the funnest Hullabulloooo event! Everyone came down. Kids were dancing like there was no tomorrow. Grownups were hanging and just having fun.

Our favorite promoter in the whole world, Cameron Clark rocked us up with the biggest best basket of chocolate and fine wine EVER! His crew is so wonderful, kind, helpful, generous. THANK YOU!

I got MY wish!! US, all of us. Doing what we love most.


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