How depressing. A solicitation, full of links, suggestions and 'new improveds.' So you can get as much free music as you like. Where will it end?


LIMEWIRE invaded my inbox. The gall! Last time I checked, piracy was still illegal.


Musicians, real working musicians, with fanbases, and press cred, and a catalogue of work... are all reeling from the changing landscape. How will we piece things together from this new dwindling stream? Do we have to go back to waitressing, temping, teaching?....all perfectly valid things, but shouldn't it have been our choice? Jane Siberry, JANE SIBERRY sold all her earthly possessions, and does house concerts town to town. That's actually a great solution. But what if you have a family?


Try Pandora, or I-tunes. At least we'll get paid a little of what we put into our work. Just a suggestion. I imagine that most of you reading this are patrons, and so don't need to be reminded, but if you're at all interested in the cause, educate your pals, don't burn copies of records you want to share... encourage the purchase of your beloved music. 'Nuff said.


Meanwhile, here we come West Coast. Oregon LOOK OUT.... Seattle. Innit! Goffrey's back on the job this week.


And the ever profound Gail Ann Dorsey will bring her magic...(it was Linsday Wagner's birthday this week. We LOVE us some bionic woman!)

Touring is where the real deal remains. Gotta just bring it LIVE.


Shawn Pelton stopped by rehearsal to say hi....(Rich Mercurio and JB)


We're just hoping we might see Gino Vannelli in Portland. He's so dreamy.

much love, and see you there!


p.s. the song we recorded a coupla weeks ago is coming on I-tunes on June 29........I think it ROCKS.


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