Which Way?

When I need to get ideas moving, (I'm working on new songs) sometimes I just start walking. This morning I found this plaque for a poor journalist who went down with the titanic.


I love that his friends made him a plaque.


and a little sentry guards his memory



It's right near the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum. It's on my short list, but for now, today, I fell in love with the bricks right in front.

The Cooper-Hewitt is right across the street from the Russian Embassy. Some mornings I walk around that neighborhood because my favorite muffins and cornbread are there at Yura Bakery. There's usually a long line at the embassy. Most of the people are speaking Russian and don't look very happy. I had to go there once to get a visa to go to Moscow. Well, NOTHING is easy at that place. No wonder.

I watched for a while and then took pictures of my feet. Then I realized I wasn't really writing, so I must be procrastinating again, and I've run out of hand washing (another of my great techniques of procrastination) to distract myself with.

 I think this means go left.



I think this means go forward.



And I think this means get your damn muffins, go back to work and stop messing around.


We really are working feverishly to get art and files together to make Monday's "song in a day" an I-tunes exclusive. It will be summer fun. And may spawn more tidbits to tide me over creatively until I finish my new "record."


p.s. the new york times spelled my name right today. that was nice.


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