Well, the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Sound check was awesome. I love Marc Cohn. Simple as that. He's super cool, super smart, super fun. Jon Leventhal is no slouch either - he's just finished producing Marc's new record. Musical monster.

Jon, JB, Marc


Shawn Pelton, as always, stylin,' was on drums.


I was sportin' my brand new Cal Patch smock. (Cal was my pattern making/sewing  teacher at SQUAM)


We were feeling groovy


I got to see some of my favorite artists

Aimee Mann and John Roderick.


I was able to catch up with Louden Wainwritght and his daughter Lucy, Suzzy Roche (swoon, and she's a bikram yoga freak too!) Jill Sobule, the sexy Livingston Taylor, (love him so) John Forte, Shawn Colvin, Paula Cole, Dar Williams, Willy Nile. What a day.


My favorite moment? Walking past Art Garfunkel in my stage dress.

(photo: Sandrine Lee)


Didn't really notice him  at first, he was wearing a red philly's hat, and sitting on a trunk in the parks and recreation garage behind the stage. I thought... that looks like Art Garfunkel, but why would he be sitting in the garage? I came back, pretending to be looking for my friend Sandrine, and he stood up and told me my dress was really pretty. I said, "Really? thanks sooo much, it's the first time I've worn it." Artie: "Well, I will say, it falls very nicely on you." I must have been ten shades of crimson. I introduced myself, and said what an honor it was to finally meet him. I tried not to be self conscious walking away, swishing my new dress.



My least favorite moment? Taking a breath for the first line - "hello darkness my old friend" and inhaling a bug. Between coughing fits in between vocal lines, i somehow made it through the 1st verse, and then regrouped and rallied for the rest. It gave it a poignant something or other I'm sure! (Lizzy House, I love you)


This morning in the New York Post, they mentioned me, which is always nice, but of course, some overeager copy editor changed my name to JONATHAN: "Marc Cohn and Jonathan Brooke funked up 'sounds of silence'"


But who cares? They didn't mention the coughing fit, and Artie liked my dress.


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