(Jen Gray placing important sign)


Elizabeth Macrellish built it, and again, they came.


Squam Arts Workshops was, as usual, a creative, inspiring, incredibly fun and powerful place to be. It's very hard to describe what happens each year at the Rockywold/Deephaven retreat. But it is time I absolutely treasure and look forward to all year long.


This year I learned how to make patterns for clothes that I actually might wear, instead of the lumpy experiments that end up in the trash. (I got a sewing machine for Christmas so I figured it was time to get to work.)


my new cute skirt and cute custom t-shirt patterns. My teacher Cal Patch was AWESOME


I also took a "seamless sweater" knitting class with Jared Flood. Sarah Young, one of my fellow knitters put it perfectly. "It was like AP knitting" I thought my head would explode with the constant stream of revelatory information. I was so busy taking notes I didn't even get a picture of Jared.


In other news I made some new friends while I was there. I, the driver with the absolutely spotless record. (Except for speeding) managed to lodge my back wheel between a rock and a hard place when I was backing out of Elizabeth's driveway. It was raining, so the front wheel drive rental Camry was going NO WHERE fast. Couple hours later and a tow truck from Triple A, the car was out but a little nicked on the back bumper. Luckily the horrible looking bent part popped right back into place....


But the icky scratches needed a little tlc. The RDC crew ROCKED me UP with some fine fine sanding and a little spray paint. YOU GUYS RULE. (they even invited me and Jen to their 'black and white' party at "Deep Dorm" that night.)



I'll let some Pix speak for the rest. I can't believe I'm already going home. September Squam will be fast upon us though, so if you possibly can swing a little creative time away for YOU... do it. (I'll be teaching songwriting again too, and I swear it's not one bit scary.)


block printing treasures.


One of Jared's disciples' gorgeous lace swatch.


Jen Gray's toes.


new friend Ketra.


vendor night fun with Jen Gray and Forrest (aka Theo)


 Vendor night euphoria....


Or was it fatigue?


Just feeling grateful and replenished in the deepest of ways. Thank you all at Squam who shared your stories with me, and are out there listening. It truly means the world. 


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