(The perfect set! I thought it was "Are you there God? It's me Margaret." and that sent me on a crazy meandering tear....and I swear, I'm off the pain meds.)


After the show last night, we got to hang out a little bit with the wonderful JOAN, of the Tampa Performing Arts Center. She's been volunteering there for a very long time. Even through a regime change, she was the only one who really knew how to run concessions and figure out the ridiculously convoluted state and newly appalling 'concessions' tax. So she's their rock. She also has no problem circling down the autograph line and barking at people to make sure they've bought enough merch to warrant a signature. GOD BLESS.



Well, She's got two sons. One who set the record for the army, (protecting the Alaska Pipeline) of endurance out in the cold. Kid from Tampa! (she told us he was the one she was sure would end up in jail! Now he's got a psychology degree and is counseling homeless teens.)



The other son is about to retire from the post office. She was so lovely, telling her story. Grateful for every moment with her husband of 36 years. He passed about 7 years ago, but she was still brimming with palpable adoration of her man. She said, "everyone who knew us knew we had something really special."



She said she was born and grew up in New York City. Went to highschool on 68th and 1st. Tampa seemed an unlikely place to end up, but "once I got my toes in the sand, I never looked back."


She even had really funky earrings. Oh JOAN. They broke the mold.

On to Stuart.... did you BUY your download of "Here We Go" at I-tunes yet? Just saying... don't be a party pooper.




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