Lurking Danger

The flight home from Cancun, although I'm not complaining, (yes I am) was an ordeal that almost wiped out every bit of good will we had acquired in Mexico. First there was the baby that did not stop screaming for most of the 4, then 5, then 6 hour flight. Then there was that pesky problem at JFK that has been really screwing up almost every flight I've taken lately - they have only one runway open. So even on the very best of organized, no bad weather, everyone behaving days..... it's chaos.


Well the Volcano was screwing up all the European flights, and we, pesky Cancuners were definitely not priority. So we circled around Philly a while, flew a little further north and circled around Long Island a while, and then, around 11:30 when we were running low on fuel, we were sent back to Philly to land and refuel. (We were supposed to LAND at JFK at 9:30 and be home in our cozy beds by 11. HA.


We sat "refueling" in Philly until 12:45 when the baby started screaming again. They couldn't let us off of the plane because of all the immigration considerations, so there we were; 200 or so people and the BABY. We were finally allowed to regather and try again and landed at JFK at about 1:45. Of course by this point most of the baggage handlers were home and cozy in THEIR beds.... so I imagined there was one lonely guy carrying all our suitcases to carousel 5. Quarter to three? we finally had our bag.The baby was still carrying on at Baggage Claim. The dad at this point was pretending he didn't know the mom or the baby, and the poor mom was beside herself.


One good thing? No traffic on the way home. we were in our cozy bed by 4! But we were cranky, tired and unrefreshed all day yesterday. At least I got 10,000 new freckles for the effort!


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