the ARK floats on through the stormy seas

I always get a little confessional at the ARK. Maybe I say too much, but it's like playing in my living room for old dear friends. Happened again last night. Somehow I started remembering all my very favorite songs that make me cry, faux pas in France, drinking and smoking in college so I could sound more like Bonnie Raitt. Thank you all for coming along down crazy lane! But it's safe there, it's family. I've been playing the ARK since my very early days with Jennifer, and it's still top ten. So thank you ALL.



(early days at the ark!!)




Got to visit with another old pal this morning, Martin Bandyke!! At Ann Arbor Radio, 107 one.


I had my morning voice on for sure, so "All You gotta do is Touch me" had a rough and tumble vibe!! But there's comfort in things that you can count on. And Martin is one of them. Thanks also to John Bonmarito for the lovely introduction last night and continued support year after year.

John, JB, Martin


In other news?? Any minute now, our little dance single "HERE WE GO" will be up for sale on I-tunes. Now, if every one on all our lists.... facebook, myspace... you know the deal... actually bought a little itty bitty 99 cent download, y'all would be helping a very righteous cause.... let's call it Jonatha Brooke's next record. 'Nuff said?


And finally, I found more of my all time crazy fave chocolate at, you guessed it - Zingerman's (after my Turkey Reuben) The artisan is Claudio Corallo. and it is just simply sublime. It ain't cheap so you have to savor it... but woweeee, it's fierce and coarse and makes me so happy.Thank you Zingerman's!


On to Kent. Bring the family.


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