Fashion, slowing down, favorites.

It's always hard to slow down. Find a home pace. Luckily I was already hooked on my book  "Let the Great World Spin" - so I've almost finished. In between I'm attacking this jacket/cardigan I've been fighting for months now. Seed Stitch. (knitters, you know what i mean) It's really pretty but I have had enough. One more sleeve and a collar...


And of course, there's my beloved mandolin, and my baritone guitar to pick me up.


In other news, the fashion was fabulous today on the streets of New York. There was a mad hatter lady:

A pink panted dachsund walker:


And a strapping guy named Paddy who was very happy to pose in front of the DKNY nymphs. He said, "You're sure you don't want some more, now? I'll do it for free!" And all his pals started egging him on. Priceless:


I did stop by the knitting store to get some advice for my finally finished "Nanette Lepore Peplum Cardigan"

The consensus was "DON"T STEAM IT!" ok.


Vera is the latest knitter/teacher afficionado. She said, "Fantastish" when she saw my behemoth. Nice. She had all the right stuff, camels, coffee and a dizzing zebra concoction she was trying to make sense of for a lost knitter.


And John the amazing concierge was there. He's the most prolific of all. Finished a baby blanket yesterday, on to a cashmere nursing shawl for his sister today...


Oh my, life is back to normal.


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