Arizona, dry hot lovely.

On the road again. I forgot how dry, magnetized, deep, this part of the country is. I always feel heavier, in a good way. Somehow rooted and attached to the earth.


Due to the beauties and vagaries of priceline,  Paul and I ended up at a golf resort!! Wish I loved golf....I had wanted to take some dumb shots of me putting, driving, ya know, kicking back, at least tooling around in a golf cart. But it just wasn't cool. And they didn't have the cute madras shorts in my size.


So I walked around and gawped at the cacti.


Last night, so good to be playing again.... the Rialto was great. A perfect, DEVOTED crowd, and one of the best sounding rooms I've ever been lucky enough to play. Every nuance was audible, from the house and the stage.


And the fab Rialto team rocked me up with my own pretty pony.


Security was tight too. Especially since they got this new attack dog, Rosco!


He guarded the couch backstage like a pit bull.


One guy came by at the end and bought a CD. Not sure if he'd even been at the show. But he told me he'd gotten the WHO their big record deal, blah blah blah "you're a star" blah blah blah. Ok. he was wicked drunk,  and had only four teeth, so I was just trying to be polite. Eddie boy, yeah, that was it.


And then he said, clear as can be "So, are you in a committed, monogamous relationship?"

"Ah, I get it.... Absolutely."

BAM, he was out the door. Security had to pry the beer from his hand.


This morning, we crashed the NICE resort up the hill. They have a Starbucks. And there was a BRINKS convention there. We tried to get the t-shirts, but some burly guys caught us. Then when we wanted to see the inside of the BRINKS trucks they brought for demonstrations,  they didn't think that was one bit funny.


So I had to settle for a picture with the picture of the BRINKS team.


Paul and I will drive miles and miles to find organic fruits and vegetables. So this morning we went on a mission. JACKPOT! Sunshine farmer's market.

Radishes for days.


WE found GOD too.


Helped me get over the backstage door last night!

 On to Scottsdale/Phoenix. Loaded for BEAR!


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